Michelle Nunn Will Be A Great Senator


It seems that it has been a lifetime since the campaigns started for the selection of a Georgia Senator to assume to seat that is available because of the retirement of Senator Saxby Chambliss. We have had to endure hundreds of misleading television ads.

Now, early voting has started and with less than two weeks before the November 4 Election Day, Georgia voters must select Democrat Michelle Nunn or Republican David Purdue to be our next Senator. During the Primary Elections in May, we encouraged our readers to vote for Michelle Nunn, and we see no reason to change our view. In fact, after watching the campaigns of the two candidates, it is clear that Michelle Nunn is the better choice. She has the intelligence and leadership ability that we need to help bring us together as a nation. She is the only candidate who will represent the interests of all of the people of Georgia.

Michelle Nunn has an ideal combination of education, experience and history of community involvement to become Georgia’s next great senator. She is a ninth-generation Georgian who has spent her life working to empower individuals and communities to make a difference by bringing people together to solve problems and enact change. The daughter of Sam (former U.S. Senator) and Colleen Nunn, she graduated from the University of Virginia and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She and her husband, Ron, have two children.

Michelle is one of the founders and the first Executive Director of Hands On Atlanta. In this position, she helped grow volunteerism across Georgia, and eventually throughout the country through the Hands On Network, a national outreach of volunteer-service organizations. Michelle was selected for a three year Kellogg Foundation Fellowship that gave her an opportunity to travel the globe and work with civic and religious leaders to help them translate the common ground of their faith and ideals into building better, more productive communities and services.

During the campaign, she has laid out a vision for America that includes job creation and labor force development, a strong miltary, crime prevention and public safety, fiscal accountability, environmental protection, as well as infrastructure improvements. She promises to promote bipartisan progress. Her opponent says that he is running so that he can join the other Republicans in the Senate in their fight against President Obama. He appears to be proud of his history of outsourcing American jobs in an effort to avoid paying American workers fair wages.

Your vote for Michelle Nunn could be the vote that stops the Republicans from taking over the Senate where they would certainly cripple all of President Obama’s initiatives.

These are trying times that cry out for visionary leadership. Michelle Nunn in the woman to represent Georgia in the Unites States Senate during these trying times. Throughout the tough campaign, she has been charismatic and unshakable. She has been positive in promoting her qualifications and vision for America.

We, at The Savannah Tribune, hope that you will vote for Michelle Nunn. Vote early and make sure that your family members, friends, neighbors and associates vote to elect Michelle Nunn our next Senator. With our support, she will be a great Senator.

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