Metropolitan Planning Commission Selects New Executive Director

Melanie Wilson
Melanie Wilson
The Metropolitan Planning Commission voted unanimously at the March 13th meeting to hire Melanie Wilson as Executive Director of the Planning Commission. She reported to work on Monday, April 30, 2018 after a thorough search was conducted under the leadership of the Planning Commission Executive Search Committee.

According to MPC Board Chairman Joseph Ervin, Wilson brings more than 30 years of experience in city and regional planning to our area. Her background in urban planning and development is critical at a time in our city’s history as we expand the perimeter of our downtown footprint. It is important to have an experienced planner and she is the right person to bridge the gap as Savannah further develops as the anchor and powerhouse for economic growth and development in this region.

Wilson has an extensive background in environmental, land use and strategic planning. Her work has involved mediating conflicting relationships among these entities and building capacity where none existed. Her proven talent for leadership has been demonstrated as the head of Departments responsible for urban and community vision plans, county and regional growth management, sustainable planning and development, transportation, and construction management. She is a strategic thinker who is consistently recognized for innovation and creativity in developing solutions to complex issues.

As Augusta’s planning and development director, Wilson was responsible for advising the City Administrator and Board of Commissioners on program and policy development for environmental, economic, land use, transportation and implementation strategies and policy. Her team provided Planning & Zoning, Historic Preservation, Building & Inspections, Code Enforcement, Business & Alcohol Licenses, and Auditing for Compliance of Occupation Tax, Excise Tax and Transportation fees. She also served as the Project Director of a bi-state GA/ SC Metropolitan Planning Organization. She received her B.A. in Political Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Masters of Planning Degree from the University of Virginia School Of Architecture.

Prior to moving to Augusta, Wilson has served as Senior Project Manager, BREE & Associates, Inc. Director, Department of Planning, Wake County, NC; Director, Policy and Program Coordination, Governor’s Office of Smart Growth, Maryland; Director, Office of Long Range Planning, National Planning Commission, Washington, D.C.; Deputy Director, Baltimore City Planning Department, Maryland.

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