Metro Adds Confidential Tip Line

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have added another method for the public to provide confidential information.

The Confidential Tip Line connecting callers directly with the Criminal Investigations Division has been added for those with information that could help clear cases. Callers either will be connected directly to an investigator or can leave a recorded message. Those who leave a contact number or other information will be contacted.

Callers can simply call (912) 525-3124. They either will be connected to an investigator or can press “1” to leave a message.

The Confidential Tip Line operates independently from Crimestoppers and iwatch-Savannah which was added in 2011. Crimestoppers collects information completely confidentially and information can qualify the caller for rewards up to $2,500 and sometimes beyond. It has been the vehicle that has helped detectives from all agencies in the area solve crimes.

The public can call Crimestoppers at (912) 234-2020 or text CRIMES (274637). In the body type, they should include “CStop2020” plus the tip. Tipsters are never identified and receive their reward using codes. iwatch-Savannah is a web-based program evolving from a Los Angeles Police Department initiative to track international terrorism. Police in L.A. discovered that more residents were interested in bringing suspicious activity to their attention without going through the Emergency 911 system. It can be accessed via the Internet at

Information is collected from the informer for contact only, but names of the provider are not used in the investigation. Information received is forwarded directly to the officers in that particular area.

Police Chief Willie Lovett said the new Tip Line is another of the innovative ways members of his department are working to establish rapport with the community.

“It came to our attention that members of the public have information they are willing to share, but are not comfortable using some of the other methods, for whatever reason,” he said. “This allows them to talk directly with the investigator to help our investigation. That interaction with the public is crucial to everything we do.”

Those dealing with emergency situations, however, still are encouraged to call Emergency 911 immediately to facilitate response.

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