Memorial Medical Explorer Post Students Visit Armstrong


On Tuesday, November 18, 2008, the Memorial Medical Explorer Post students attended a special event at Armstrong Atlantic State University. This is the third year that the Radiologic Sciences department has hosted the Memorial Medical Explorers, offering an added dimension to the Memorial Medical Exploring program with an unforgettable campus experience designed specifically to give students a hands-on introduction to careers in the Radiological Sciences.

Nine AASU students and three instructors led Explorers through a series of five hands-on lab activities, including Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy, Cardiovascular Invasive, Radiography and Nuclear Medicine. The opportunity to interact in small groups with both AASU Instructors and AASU students provided an exciting learning experience for the Memorial Medical Explorer Post #207 students. Many thanks to Bonnie Tobias, Sharon Gilliard-Smith and Laura Malsby, AASU Instructors, for supervising and organizing this excellent event and to Melanie Mirande, Director of Operations and Enrollment Management for her excellent career choice presentation. Special thanks also to the following AASU students for providing the lab activities: Deb Hinman, Ken Turner, Brook Moon, Jay Bowen, Jonathan Nelson, Jamie Wilkinson, Kami Bodner, Tracy Barnett and Leslie Pullin.

The Memorial Medical Explorer Post program is a long-standing partnership between Memorial University Medical Center, The Savannah Chatham Public School System and the Boy Scouts of America’s Learning for Life Program. Thirty-five outstanding high school students will participate in monthly events at Memorial University Medical Center for the remainder of the school year.

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