Melissa I. F. Ilugbo Memorial Scholarship Brunch

The Melissa I. F. Ilugbo ninth annual scholarship brunch in support of the Melissa I. F. Ilugbo Memorial Scholarship sponsored by St. James A.M.E. Church and Melissa Ilugbo’s family was held on Saturday, July 8, 2017, 11:00 a.m., in the St. James A.M.E. Church Wilson-Bostic Complex.

The brunch was a success and the program consisted of Mrs. Geneva Christopher, presiding, Katlin Brown (Little Miss Jabberwock 2017) bringing the Welcome, Rev. Dr. Jonetta Prater, (pastor of New St. Luke AME Church), the Prayer, Dr. Deonn Stone-Ellison, (Lead Professional Learning Coach/Induction Specialist, SCCPSS) the Words of Inspiration, the Occasion, Mr. Bobby Roberts, Jr., Director, Upward Bound Program. Inspiring Greetings by Dr. Cheryl Davenport Dozier, (SSU President), Dr. Mary Kropiewnicki (Dean of School of Teacher Education) and Elder Nathaniel Neal (Senior Pastor, St. James). There were presentations by the Upward Bound Bridge Students (Tatianna Anderson, Shyara Bush, Destiny Haynes, Aliyah McIntosh, and Diamond Williams); Creative Dance by the Funmilayo Vision of Heaven Dancers, and a Poem by Ms. Ivy Y. Brannen, (Circulation and Administrative Services SSU Librarian). The Introduction of the Speaker was by C’Asia Griffin and the Blessing of the Food by Rev. Gloria Lang, St. James Associate Pastor. After the Brunch a song was sung by Tiyanha Roberts. An inspiring message to the 2017 Bridge Students was given by Dr. Julius Scipio, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences which was well received.

The following 2017 Upward Board Bridge students will receive the Melissa I. F. Ilugbo Memorial Scholarship in the Fall 2017 (Tatianna Anderson, Shyara Bush, C’Asia Griffin, Destiny Hayes, Aliyah McIntosh, Tiyana Roberts and Diamond Williams). They all will received $300 for books their Freshmen year. The president, Dr. Cheryl D. Dozier indicated that she will match the book scholarship of each student. This was unexpected and outstanding. Including these students there have been a total of 86 bridge students who have received this scholarship.

Proceeds from this brunch made it possible for St. James A.M.E. Church to present checks to the Upward Bound Program totaling $2,900 for the Melissa I. F. Ilugbo Memorial Scholarship fund.

Many thanks to all the participants and supporters of the Melissa I. F. Ilugbo Memorial Scholarship. St. James look forward to the support from the community, family and friends next year for this worthwhile educational endeavor.

Rev. Nathaniel Neal, Pastor

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