Meg Heap Formally Announces Candidacy for District Attorney

Meg Heap
Meg Heap

Meg Heap, of Savannah, Georgia, has formally announced her candidacy for District Attorney. Heap made a formal announcement Wednesday at a press conference at the Chatham County Courthouse at 11:30 AM. In 2010, Heap went into private practice and made a commitment to challenge first term D.A., Larry Chisholm. According to Heap, she is running on a platform to effectively run the D.A.’s office. She will run the office with “experienced staff.” She reports in Chisholm’s first term, “35 Assistant D.A.’s, investigators, administrator, and other employees have resigned, leaving the D.A.’s office with young and inexperienced staff.”

“You have to have a working relationship with the local police and the entire law enforcement community to successfully prosecute cases and run an efficient office,” said Heap.

Heap is an 18 year veteran of the Chatham County, District Attorney’s Office. She will challenge, current Chatham County District Attorney, Larry Chisholm. Heap is running as a Republican.

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