Meat The Vegan Cookoff


Meat the Vegan Cookoff was held last Sunday morning at the Natural Selections Café and Catering located at 1526 Bull St. Traditional meat dishes were prepared and then flipped to the Vegan version. The dishes included shrimp and grits, pulled pork and potato salad, crab cakes & coleslaw. Mystery celebration judges including Renee LaSalle of WSAV judged the taste of both meat and vegan dishes. Between the judges, it seemed to be

a tie. The vegan crabcakes were a hit. The sauce was good on both crab and vegan crab. The vegan shrimp was the winner. The judges could not tell the difference in the real shrimp and the vegan shrimp. Kudos out to both chefs, Davita at Natural Selections and “Shug” , from The Painted Chef. The proceeds benefitted the Coastal Center for Developmental Services. Comia Flynn served as the host of the cookoff.

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