McArthur Holmes Announces Candidacy for Sheriff of Chatham County

McArthur Holmes announcing candidacy to Savannah Community
McArthur Holmes announcing candidacy to Savannah Community

Col. McArthur three children. Savannah State Holmes announced he He began his career University and received a “ I vow to further will run for the Office of in 1978 as an entry level jail management certificate involve the Sheriff ’s Sheriff for Chatham Corrections Deputy working from the National Department in the implementation County. Holmes served as his way up through Institute of Corrections of alternative a committed employee for the ranks to the position through the University of methods of reaching our the Chatham County of Colonel, assigned as Colorado. youth through mentorships, Sheriff ’s Department for the Jail Administrator In addition to this, community oriented more than 33 years. which is the highest position he has also completed law policing practices, getting Holmes is the husband within the enforcement management involved in local of Carol D. Mitchell Corrections Bureau. He is courses through the actions to mold the lives Holmes. They have been a 1973 graduate of Alfred National Organization of of our youth in a positive married for 33 years and E. Beach High School, Black Law Enforcement direction instead of waiting has two adult daughters. received his bachelor’s in Executives CEO to simply lock them He is also grandfather to criminal justice from Management training programs. up,” Holmes said.

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