Mayor Releases State Of The City Address


Mayor Edna Jackson issued the State of the City Address Wednesday night, calling on the community to start getting “real” about persistant, generational crime in Savannah, and outlined a five-step plan to address gun violence.

Mayor Jackson had this to say… “Good evening everybody, and thank you for joining us tonight. Before I get accused of sticking my head in the sand, let me give you a spoiler: This speech will be about public safety. I was as outraged as anyone when that couple from Florida lied about being targeted in an attack on Bay Street last week. But that false claim should not distract all of us from the plain truth: We have a crime problem in Savannah. We put together the video you just saw to remind everyone that there’s a lot of GREAT things going on in Savannah, too. Flooding is down, taxes are low, the economy is up. We have seen more commercial investment the past two years than at any point in our history. In many ways the State of the City has never been better.”

For more of Mayor Jackson’s State of the City address, you can view a video running on Savannah Government Television (Comcast Channel 8) , and is posted online at www.savannahga. gov/SGTV.

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