Mayor Johnson Introduces AAPI For Savannah


Mayor Van R. Johnson, II, recently introduced AAPI for Savannah, a taskforce dedicated to making the City of Savannah more inclusive for residents of Asian American or Pacific Islander descent.

“For us, this was a great opportunity to find ways to connect, have meaningful relationships and conversations, and to find ways that we can continue to make Savannah a great place for everyone to live,” Mayor Johnson said. “In Savannah, we recognize our Asian population has increased from 2% to 3.8%, an increase of almost 3,000 residents, in 10 years, according to 2020 census data. Our Asian population is growing, and we have the need and responsibility to make sure that we purposefully and constantly engage.”

AAPI for Savannah seeks to promote harmonious relationships among Asian American and Pacific Islander communities bridging all cultures in the City of Savannah by honoring AAPI heritages and histories through education and celebrations.

“When I think about Savannah, I think about a blended, beautiful community,” said Whitney Gilliard, AAPI for Savannah chair. “Everyone I have met in the city comes from all different backgrounds. They come from all different walks of life, and when I think about AAPI, I think about harmony, unity, raising awareness and bringing in the culture to let everyone know we are truly not alone. We as Savannah are one beautiful community.”

In addition to Gilliard, AAPI for Savannah members include Vandana Abrams, Michelle Adams, Mike Hostilo, Milap Patel, Lakshmi Subramaniam and Pastor Joseph Wong.

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