Mayor DeLoach Delivers State of the City Address

Mayor Eddie DeLoach
Mayor Eddie DeLoach
City of Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach delivered his State of City address to a large crowd at the Coastal Georgia Center Monday night.

More than 200 people filled the auditorium as the mayor touted the City’s accomplishments from 2017 and looked forward to the future. He began his speech talking about Public Safety.

“A little over two years ago, when I started my campaign for Mayor, the issue that propelled me into the race was Crime, and today Public Safety remains my number one priority and focus,” said DeLoach. “This Council has devoted the resources necessary to start seeing a significant reduction in crime. I am proud to report that violent crime in the City is down by seven percent, and the murder rate has fallen over 30 percent last year alone. These are great strides in crime reduction, but only just the start.” In addition to making Savannah safer, the Mayor is also working to improve the quality of life for his fellow citizens. Providing job training, creating job opportunities, empowering our youth, increasing access to early childhood education, reducing blight, improving the condition of the City’s greenscapes, and funding critical infrastructure projects.

“I have laid before you an ambitious plan for the next two years, and I can assure you that I, the council, the City Manager, and all of the City staff are committed to delivering result,” the Mayor said. “We will have results, and we will see Savannah become the city she deserves to be. We can be the beacon of light, and hope when everyone comes together to achieve this dream. We are one city, moving in one direction, and that is forward.”

All eight members of City Council attended the event, as did the City Manager, members of the Savannah Police and Savannah Fire departments, local educators, business and community leaders, and many citizens.

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