May Howard Advances Education Through the Use of Technology


The May Howard Elementary School announces the launch of a high tech iPad lab to advance learning through the use of technology. To celebrate this new addition, the school held a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 13, 2011.

The new technology was all made possible as a result of the ongoing efforts of the May Howard chapter of PTA, who through various fundraisers last year, were able to donate thirty iPads to be used in the lab. The PTA will continue to hold fundraisers to add to the success of the lab – hopefully donating more iPads, smart boards, and promethean boards.

The iPads hold a variety of free applications on various subjects including math, reading, social studies, science, and health. A combination of educational game based apps that encourage critical thinking and knowledge exploration are available on the May Howard iPads as well.

“The new iPad lab is a great addition and will assist our teachers in providing high quality instruction for students,” said Ms. Leslie Taylor, Principal of May Howard Elementary School. “If we can keep our students engaged, on task, and enjoying the material, then we are on the right track to the development of a highly qualified 21st century workforce.”

The lab will be available to all students of May Howard, including Pre-K students who begin their school year on September 20th. Each grade level will have access to apps based on their skill set.

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