March is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month: Be Aware

March is HIV/AIDS Awareness month. With the disease targeting women and men of all ages it is important to develop a clear cut stragety to fight the spread of the disease. One way this is being accomplished by HIV/AIDS organizations world wide is by targeting women.

HIV/AIDS is no longer striking primarily men. Today, more than 20 years into the epidemic, women account for nearly half the 40 million people living with HIV worldwide. In sub- Saharan Africa, 57 percent of adults with HIV are women, and young women aged 15 to 24 are more than three times as likely to be infected as young men. In communities scattered around the globe, women and men are taking action to increase knowledge about the disease, expand access to sexual and reproductive health and educational services, increase women’s ability to negotiate safer sexual relations, combat gender discrimination and violence and increase access to female-controlled prevention methods such as the female condom.

HIV/AIDS advocate groups are taking notice of this war on women and have develop ways to specifically target women and stop the spread of the disease. Global Coalition on Women and AIDs, is a UNAIDS initiative that supports and energizes programmes that mitigate the impact of AIDS on girls and women worldwide. Through its advocacy and networking, the Coalition is drawing greater attention to the effects of HIV on women and stimulating concrete, effective action by an everincreasing range of partners.

To reverse the global spread of HIV/AIDS, we must break the chains of poverty and gender inequality that help the disease to spread. There are other ways to stop the spread of disease such as getting tested every six months, being honest with your sexual partner about your sexual history and practicing safe sex. For more info visit:,, or Source: Joint report by UNAIDS / UNFPA / UNIFEM

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