Managing Stress… Continued

Carolyn Guilford
Carolyn Guilford

A reader recovering from heart surgery asked what can she do to get a handle on stress? Her doctor told her that she must find a way, to avoid another heart attack, and she certainly wants to be able to get back to ‘normal life’.

My answer I thought would benefit many persons, recovering or not, to think about the ways we handle stress on a daily basis. Some persons are so accustomed to common stressors, that they don’t even recognize it as stress. So here’s the test. —

Venting your concerns with a supportive, loving, trusted friend, can relieve the stress and may help you see the situation in a new light. Talking helps.

Develop a positive outlook. See the good in situations instead of the bad.

Many times parents want to do too much for children and family members, which can be stressful in the presence of illness. So, set clear limits on how much you’ll do, before it becomes an issue again. Foster a sense of independence in family members.

Learn to say no. Don’t promise too much, and give yourself enough time to get things done. Give yourself time, and permission, to rest or do noth- ing, or to play. Say no!

Find a mental health coach or counselor if you can’t cope on your own. Helping people is what they do. Get the names of persons from family or friends. If they can’t help, ask your pastor or a hospital social worker for some names.

Learn to accept the things you cannot change. You don’t have to solve all the worlds’ problems. And remember, “Health is Wealth”

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