Making The Grade


My name is Jameya Barnwell , from Savannah, GA. I was a student in the Kinesiotherapy program at Shaw University from 2009-2013. While in this program I was also the captain of my cheerleading squad for 3 years while maintaining a 3.5 GPA.

I was also the Top Student in the program from 2010- 2013. With this title I was allowed to help assist my adviser Joe Palmer with teaching classes, grading papers, tutoring, and proctoring exams and clinicals. I was drawn to this field because I love to help people and I believe there is always room for improvement and progression. During my time in this field I have had the opportunity to teach a patient how to walk again after it was said that he wasn’t going to walk again after he left physical therapy. That gave me a feeling I would never forget. I would like to thank my family, Kinesiotherapist at the Bill Hefner VA medical center and Mr. Joe Palmer for supporting me in my decision to take on this difficult field. There were many times that I wanted to give up and pick another major because of my frustration level, but they would NEVER let me and for that I owe them.

There are many memories in the classroom I would never forget, but my most favorite is when I studied for one of the hardest test in my K2 class, I cried because that thing was so hard. Mr Palmer handed them back out and I was the only one to pass, I jumped up and screamed! I got put out of class for the rest of the time but that big red 102 on my paper made everything right.

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