Make Snacks “To Go”


One of the reasons we go off our healthy foods regime is because we fall prey to hunger, when we are at work, shopping or running errands, and are not prepared. Sure we leave home rested, full and happy but, as time wears on – we get tired, lunchy and thirsty, Our defenses are down and we feel weak. Too weak to fight. In that moment we just want to eat something – fast. We pick up the bad snacks, cookies, salty snacks, soda, and fast foods.

The key to staying on track is planning! Plan to have a healthy snack with you, where ever you go.

Healthy snacks include raw nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, grapes. Also trail mix, granola bars, cereal, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, pop corn. Create snack pack sizes of natural raw nuts, dried fruit, cheese and crackers, trail mix or a healthy low sugar – high fiber cereal. Buy small size zip-lock baggies, and fill with your favorite snacks.

Make your own trail mix, using ingredients you like, unsalted and unsweetened nuts, seeds, and unsweetened dried fruit, are much better than commercially prepared finds with artificial flavors and preservatives. Look for organic and all natural granola bars, and cereal to take with.

Please don’t over look fresh fruit. Wash and dry the fruit, pack with paper towels and a plastic knife ( and always be careful. I like to keep fruit whole to preserve the nutrients, but, leave this in the car if you work someplace like the jail or a courthouse ). In warm weather pack in an insulated lunch carrier, and you are ready.

Water is such an important nutrient it is worth mentioning here – dehydration many times leads us to making poor choices. Sometimes we are thirsty and think it’s hunger. Or, the lack of water creates a headache an increase in blood pressure, depression or an imbalance in hormones.

If we stay well hydrated by having water close at hand we many times find ourselves eating less, feeling more energetic, thinking sharper, and looking great. Remember, water is the best drink. When you have the right snacks and ample water with you, it’s easier to stay on track. Create good habits and change your life for the better.

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