Make a Plan for your Success

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

This is Part II of a two part series.

So many people say, “I try to eat better”, or “I try to exercise”, or whatever it is they’ve said they want to do, to improve their lives, but really never get-around-to-it. It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. Today, it’s time to create your plan, and to put your plan for a healthy lifestyle into action. While many plans fall by the wayside within weeks , this time can be different. This time we add the YOU factor, to set yourself up for success in reaching your goals.

Use your creativity.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you are destined to live in the gym and eat tofu! Your goal can be incorporated into many other aspects of your life. This incorporation is one of the keys to success! Do you need to spend more time with your children? Try playing with them for an hour or taking a bike ride with them. Children are very active, if you can keep up with them in their activities, chances are you’ll get a good workout! If your nutritional habits need changing, let the whole family join in on the benefits. Family meals can be low-fat, creative, and tasty at the same time! Experiment with different recipes using the foods your family enjoys.

Plan for set-backs.

Sometimes obstacles are just a part of life. There are a variety of things that may pop up to interrupt your progress; sickness, stress, shortage of time, lack of motivation, etc. Roll with the punches and plan for these unexpected setbacks. Don’t get discouraged. What’s important is how you deal with the situation. Just because you miss a couple of workouts or go out for pizza with the family doesn’t mean you’ve failed. All you need to do is the very best you can and get back on track as soon as possible. Don’t beat yourself up! Instead, examine the situation carefully, make changes if needed and keep consistently striving for your goal!

Build a support system.

A fitness partner is truly a wonderful means of motivation. Based on your personal requirements, find one person or a group of people that share your goals. If possible, include your family members, they can support your efforts in integrating your healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

Consult your doctor.

Talk with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program. This is very important especially if you have never worked out before or are returning from a long break. Listen to the recommendations of your physician.

The most important thing to remember is– have fun! A commitment to a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be boring or make you feel deprived. Take the time to celebrate your successes, even small ones. Then, give yourself a big pat on the back for making progress. Remember, this is a life-long endeavor and changes don’t happen overnight. You’ll soon realize however, there’s nothing more powerful than the feeling of good health!

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