Lucas Theatre and Memorial Health present Song and Dance Ensemble of West Africa


Saturday, September 27, 8 p.m.

This group of traditional musicians is directed by Bamba Dembele, who is also a big star of the Super Rail Band of Bamako as well as the percussionist in the Super Djata band Karkar; as his striking force, he uses the country’s traditional sounds and rhythms. The Song and Dance Ensemble of West Africa’s acoustics are powerful. The musicians use well known instruments, the Kora, N’Goni, the Balaphon, Djembe, Doundouns, and flute.

This orchestra uses all the musical styles of Mali: peul, malinke, sénoufo, bambara and like many other artists in this country, the Song and Dance Ensemble of West Africa has gone overseas to open up new horizons for itself. The famous singer Oumou Sangare, for instance, started her professional career with this orchestra, and so did Toumany Diabate, the prince of Kora.

The Song and Dance Ensemble of West Africa has offered astounding performances to its audience: Varied percussion instruments, from the djembé to doundouns and other balaphons, excellent dancers whose muscles seem to be capable of any movement at any speed, and a very elaborate visual ensemble with colorful, inventive costumes. It is a modern ballet as if from another world, with graceful movements and a virtuosity, which have conveyed irresistible drive and force to the public. Between tradition and modernity, its repertory is rich and varied. The traditional rhythms, songs and dances are always represented in the troupe’s various creations, as well as the Mandingo tradition.

“Fantastic! Never before has such a rich and colorful ensemble visited the UK from the shores of Africa.” – London Times

Tickets are $30, $25 and $20. Available by calling 912-525-5050 or online at . Applicable fees may apply.

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