Lot 33 To Host My Favorite Things A Living Room Concert

With Roger Moss and Kim Steiner

Kim Steiner and Roger Moss
Kim Steiner and Roger Moss
For the last two years Roger Moss has presented “living room concerts” in intimate locations including upstairs at 24e and the private home of an interior designer.

His latest living room concert moves to Lot 33, downstairs at East End Provisions as part of Lot 33 grand opening weekend., Saturday, March 3rd, 7p.m.

This show features everything from Broadway to Blues, all from the American Songbook. The show is limited to 40 people to ensure the “living room” feel.

Roger is joined by Kim Steiner who many know from the cabaret series that began on stage at the Lucas Theatre years ago. “Kim knows how to play a cabaret show better than anyone” exclaimed Roger. He continued “He has played for some of the best Broadway and cabaret singers and I am honored to work with him.”

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