Lonon Recognized By The United States Achievement Academy

Andrea A. Lonon
Andrea A. Lonon

The United States Achievement Academy announced recently that Andrea A. Lonon, a 2014 graduate of A. E. Beach High School has been recognized by the United States Achievement Academy as a student of excellence in leadership. She was nominated for this honor by Cody Flowers, a teacher at the school. Lonon will appear in the United States Achievement Academy’s Official Yearbook which is published nationally. “Recognizing and supporting our youth is more important than ever before in America’s history,” said Dr George Stevens, Founder of the United States Achievement Academy.

The Academy recognizes students upon the exclusive recommendation of teachers, coaches, counselors and other qualified sponsors and upon the Standards for Selection set forth by the Academy. The standards for selection include academic performance, interest and aptitude, leadership qualities, responsibility, enthusiam, motivation to learn and improve, attitude and cooperative spirit, dependability and recommendation from a qualified sponsor. Andrea Lonon is the daughter of Andre and Tamika Lonon. The grandparents are Carroll and Josephine Mathis and Beverly C. Brown. All of Savannah,Ga.

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