Local Women Assess Top Issues and Salute Stacey Abrams at the Hungry Club Forum


Communities of Savannah-Chatham County and surrounding areas are invited to participate in a virtual forum hosted by the Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc.’s (HCFS) Signature Roundtable and Open Forum, and co-sponsored by the Andrews & Sanders Law Firm, Attorney Doug Andrews, Principal. The forum will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2020, at 9:30 AM at www.facebook.com/ hungryclubforumofsavannah and is designed to delve into important issues facing our community that were inherent in the November 3, 2020 Election.

It is being said that this is another “Year of the Woman.” The goal of the HCFS, in producing and hosting the Blue-Ribbon Panel of Women is to encourage, empower, inform, inspire, and provide a platform for women’s voices to be solicited, heard, understood, and valued. This session will serve as a continuation of the forum under a similar titled aired on October 3, 2020, and that saluted the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The forum will feature a 6-person women’s panel of experts enhancing the HCFS’ recurring focus on “The Top Community Issues of the 2020 Election Season and A Salute to Trailblazer Stacey Abrams.” We are excited at the prospects for the collective, but individually crafted presentations by those with expertise and experiences to share with our audience, which spans the breadth and depth of the community.

Bishop Willie Ferrell, newly elected HCFS President, will preside. The Invocation and Grace will be brought by Rev. Kimberly N. McMichael, Pastor, Greater Gaines Chapel AME Church, an HCFS Church Partner. The panel will be moderated by consultant Diana Harvey Johnson, President, Pinnacle Communications Corporation, and former Georgia State senator.

Serving on the panel will be Sheree Darien, Founder and Executive Director, Second Chance Community Outreach, Inc., a Division of Second Chance CDFI Bank; Elbi Elm, Founder and CEO, The Culturist Union; Gwendolyn Glover, community activist, facilitator, and former President of the Telfair Museum’s Friends of African American Art; Tanya Milton, Vice President, The Savannah Tribune, and Commissioner Elect, 5th District County Commissioner; Honorable Julie M. Wade, attorney, Chatham County School Board Representative, District 1, and Executive Director, Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter; and Anne Allen Westbrook, attorney specializing in Family Law, a former candidate for the state legislature, and an advocate against gun violence and other issues.

Over the last eight months, due to shelter-inplace directives issued by the State of Georgia and the City of Savannah, the HCFS has not been able to serve up its usual, monthly breakfast and fellowship, but continues to invite families to prepare their own breakfast and tune in at 9:30 AM to www.facebook.com/hungryclubforumofsavannah. Everyone is invited to tune in. The November 7th production will mark the 10th time that we have utilized social media outreach, with participation ranging from 600-2,000 viewers. Your questions and comments will be welcomed.

According to Diana Harvey Johnson, a consultant to the HCFS, “through technology, and the support of many in our community, the HCFS has been successful in continuing Savannah’s premiere Signature Roundtable and Open Forum format for providing quality community education and issues forums.

The HCFS provides its audience a unique opportunity to gain a closeup understanding of issues and concerns facing our community, as well as in making input into these discussions.” These forums solicit consensus, possible solutions, and provide the public with an opportunity to participate in an informal, relaxed community dialogue.

The HCFS’ Board of Directors is pleased to again welcome the public to participate in the HCFS’ community education and issues forum. For more information, please call 912- 927-8425, 912-233-0855 or E-mail: hungryclubforumsav@earthlink.net.

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