Local Radio Celebrity Seeks your Support


I am very blessed to be able to say, the day is coming soon. The day that my daughter Kelly, donates one of her kidney’s to me.

As you have heard, I have Chronic Kidney Disease, which means, it is a must, that I receive a new kidney to survive.

I am currently on dialysis, here in Savannah, awaiting the big day. Throughout my 35 years in the radio business, I have tried to help my friends and associates with “their cause”, now I ask for your help.

The cost of immunosuppressive medications typically ranges from $20,00 to $32,000 per year, even with insurance.

I have teamed with the Georgia Transplant Foundation, who will match funds raised thru my fundraising efforts, for this purpose.

Fundraising for me, is a matter of quality of life.With this being said, I ask that you go to www.gatransplant.org/client/gar yy and make a generous donation, large or small, it is greatly appreciated. You can also make a donation, in the name of the Gary Young Kidney Fund, at any Carver State Bank location in Savannah. Thank you in advance, for your donation.

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