Local Chef and Medicare Advantage Plan Take On Diabetes

L-R: Clover GM Jeff Ross, Chef Tony, and Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb.
L-R: Clover GM Jeff Ross, Chef Tony, and Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb.
We all know that eating healthy can be a challenge. Even though a proper diet is one of the most impactful ways to be healthier and manage chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, junk food reigns supreme.

Why? Because many people believe that healthy food doesn’t taste good. To debunk this belief and show how delicious healthy food can be, Clover Health partnered with Savannah Chef, Tony Seichrist, to cook for members of local senior community centers.

Clover, a Medicare Advantage company focused on improving health and well-being, saw that an overwhelming number of its members suffer from chronic diseases, specifically diabetes. The disease has become increasingly prevalent, especially among Medicare eligibles, where one in four people over 65 are diagnosed. In an effort to promote change, encourage healthy eating, the company created the Clover Care Tour. A food-network style cooking demo and free lunch, the tour provides an interactive and low pressure environment to discuss challenges people face when trying to eat healthier.

Hosting the events in Savannah, Tony Seichrist, Chef and Owner of The Wyld, created a diabetes friendly recipe with brown rice, black lentils, and local blue oyster mushrooms. Trained in Italy, he brought his expertise in using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to Savannah and discussed the bounty of the region while the mushrooms browned in the pan. Chef Tony evoked incredible flavors and aromas without meat, salt, or excess fat, and the attendees were thrilled to eat something so good, that was equally as good for them.

To show their support for the community, and Clover’s efforts to promote healthy living, local officials— Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb and State Representative Carl Gilliard—showed up to participate in the demonstration.

Clover is excited to start serving Chatham county, and to host more events in the near future. Anyone interested in learning more about Clover or future Care Tour stops, visit: www.cloverhealth.com/caretour

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