Local Author Release New Book Entitled Ethos

The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Thomas Paine. Joseph and Phillip face many challenges and controversies in this dynamic novel, the conflicts are hard, but the triumph is glorious.

Woodbridge, Virginia, July 2013– Joseph Benjamin Dillward is a young, black male in Maza City, North Carolina, with remarkable knowledge, skills and strength in areas that individuals cannot comprehend. He is mystified about his purpose in life but has a strong desire to earn his doctoral degree. Phillip Goldwater, a white man, once CEO of Breachwind, the world’s largest, most powerful corporation has discovered that Joseph is a threat to his family and can become the new CEO of Breachwind as well as the most powerful man in the world. However, Phillip is determine to stop Joseph by any means necessary and preserved the future CEO’s position for his descendents.

Ethos is written by- Dan Dilbert who was born and raised in Savannah GA. He currently lives in the Northern Virginia area. Dan enjoys reading and studying historical events to include the Bible and watching shows like Criminal Minds and Person of Interest and special channels like History, Military, Discovery, and Investigate discovery channel. He graduated from Windsor Forest High School, class of ’83, BA from the University of Connecticut; and MA degree from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Currently he is employed as an Instructional Systems Specialist in the Northern Virginia area and is using his life experience to create impressive reading material for public consumption, and Ethos is just the first of many novels to come.

For more information about ETHOS, head over to www.dandilbert.com

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