Local Artist displays New Show “Path” at the Hospice Savannah Art Gallery

She's Beside Herself
She’s Beside Herself

Local artist Laurie Darby will display her new show “Path” at the Hospice Savannah Art Gallery in January and February of 2009. Working in tandem with her librarian husband Mark, Laurie has developed dense digital montages to describe thoughts and feelings about life’s journey.

To create this work the Darbys reinvent the natural world, working from photographs found in archives, taken on family trips, and from local sources. They digitally layer this imagery bringing together familiar scenes by morphing them into poetic narratives.

The pictures carry dense symbolic, religious and personal story lines as in the black swan serving as a metaphor for the historic path of the African American. Clowns loom in the distance as a judgmental audience. The path from which the show is titled, is seen as rugged or smooth, safe or scary, and provides the backdrop for an engaging cast of enigmatic characters.

Laurie holds a Master of Fine Art in Painting degree from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia and is a part time Professor of Foundations for the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has displayed in numerous shows, including solo exhibitions at the Beach Institute in Savannah and the Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta.

Her show will hang during January and February of 2009 and as always, a portion of all sales will benefit Hospice Savannah, Inc.

The Gallery is located in the main hallway of Hospice House, 1352 Eisenhower Drive. For more information, please contact Beth Logan, Director of Marketing, at 355-2289 or visit Laurie’s website, www.lauriedarby.com.

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