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Dandi Gu
Dandi Gu

Dandi Gu is a SCAD alumni who majored in business design and arts leadership specializing in profit and nonprofit management. She graduated in March of 2018.

She has been making and curating art in Savannah for several months and is currently working with the Savannah African Art Museum on an interactive children’s book.

Gu has been creative and interested in art since childhood.

“I think when I was in primary school, I started to learn [about] art. Like with colors and things and also [I have] a lot of inspiration from my childhood and from artistic activities from when I was a child,” Gu said.

As an artist she often draws using an app on her phone. On her website, dandigu.com, she has a series called “Boring Art” which “[reinterprets] her focuses on the contemporary relationship from a female’s perspective” according to her website.

“Boring Art” is only one part of her Finger Drawing series that she has been creating since 2014 and has made 100 drawings since then.

Gu was a student of the China Academy of Art, where she studied digital art, when she discovered an interest in Western cities and culture.

Since coming to the States and enrolling in SCAD, she has curated several art shows and developed professional relationships MAC cosmetics and Arts Georgia State of the Arts.

As a curator, she is not only responsible for booking a space for the artist she works for but also for managing the advertising and marketing of the shows as well as picking the art that will be displayed.

She says that her major helps her to bridge the gap between the business and creative sides of the art world.

“You have to have the artist perspective to select the artwork but also to establish the relationship between the artist and the collectors and the community,” Gu said.

She also likes to go to galleries and gain artist connections so she can then curate shows and enhance arts education in the community.

Gu will be heading out to Los Angeles soon to gain an understanding of the art market out west. She has a passion for arts education and wishes to facilitate a cultural exchange between not only both US coasts but also between the US and China arts markets.

“I think for the period is my exploration period. I want to get more realistic practice…I want to go to western cities or eastern cities and because they have different markets and I can bring in Savannah and [these other markets] thinking to Savannah and bring Savannah out of the city,” Gu said.

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