Living Victory with Faith Encounters

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Hitting the streets with the Unswitchables City- Wide Outreach was worth the heat. God made it bearable for us all and we did the work that Jesus did. We were out for three weeks and it was very challenging at times, but very rewarding as we did what the Lord God told us to do and the way He wanted us to do it.

We thank God and give Him all the glory for allowing us to reach 18,339 souls this year of 2012. God never let it rain on us however one Monday it started raining before it was time to go out and I called everyone to stay that day, but I couldn’t. In my spirit, I was determined to go anyway. About an hour later it stopped raining and I was already on my way to the place God led me to and I reach 180 children at the May Street YMCA – To God Be the Glory! I have never missed a day in this outreach for twenty five years and by Faith in the work He has given me, I Must Go!!!

Our first day going out, Brother Edgar McPherson was led by the Spirit to go to a place we didn’t have on schedule. They went to a front porch full of drug dealers – seven in count and they all gave their lives to Jesus, Hallelujah!! Then on River Street at Rousakis Plaza where our Spanish band from Rev. Rodriquez’s church was playing, a very tall, large Caucasian man, came and stood right in front of me as I was sitting on the platform. He started cursing as loud as he could, trying to speak over the music that they were playing about Jesus. He started telling me that the band members didn’t care about me, cursing and saying all manner of evil against us. I was really ready to tell him off, but when I opened my mouth to speak only these words came out. So lovingly I said, “God loves you and I love you” and I did this about five times as he continued to curse. Then he stopped cursing, looked at me and became very quiet. He turned around and left! Praise God! God will speak through you and for you and all things will work together for good! Let God be in control and He will make your enemy bow his knees. Hallelujah Hosanna to God in the Highest!!

Then another Caucasian man came and sat down beside me. He said he was fifty eight years old, but he looked eighty eight. He wanted God to change his life, to turn him around because he was living wrong but now he wanted the Lord. I spoke with him about Jesus and I prayed for him as he accepted Jesus into his heart to receive new life in Christ.

There are many victorious encounters in the streets and our Lord and Savior Jesus desires of every believer to go out and reach these people for His namesake, His Glory and honor and especially for His kingdom sake. The devil is striving to reach all he can. But he has to fall at the name of Jesus for the Bible at the end says We Win! Hallelujah!!! All churches of all races are welcomed to join the Unswitchables as we go out every June as God says. Also there will be teachings and seminars opened to anyone who cares for souls in need.

Our walkers were as follows: Minister Barbara Brown, Rev. Gene Burnett, Rev. Pastor Henrietta Lovett, Rev. Steve Hill, Min. Freddie Chance, Leigh Johnson, Min. Edgar McPherson, Min. Fannie Spivey, Annie Axsom, Min. Rachel Thomas, Roshawn Nunn ally and Kevin Thomas.

Our Rallies participants, musicians, singers, rappers, preachers are as follows: Ogeechee Rd. Red & White parking lot, Rev. Rodney Cutter, Rapper Travis Jones, Chosen; River Street, Rev. Adeyemo Pastor Kenny Grant, Brian Roche’ (Rapper); River Street, Bishop Ferrell,Park Family Singers Ellabell, GA; River Street, Rev. Gene Burnett, Rev. Mason’s band; River Street, Rev. Walt Sparks, Ellabell, GA Rev. Rodriquez’ band, Elder Griffin’s Band, singers, and rapper and Pastor Cheever’s band, youth singers, youth pastor and rapper.

God Bless and keep you all is my prayer. Thanks because of Christ, Mama Rachel Thomas, REP and the Savannah Police Dept, City Hall

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