Live Oak Public Libraries Announces An Afternoon with Kwame and Randy


Live Oak Public Libraries announces An Afternoon with Kwame and Randy at Bull Street Library on Saturday, February 16 at 2:30 PM.

New York Times Best Selling author Kwame Alexander and storyteller Randy Preston will present an interactive program centered on Alexander’s book Solo.

Betrayed by those closest to him and stunned by a family secret, 17-yearold Blade Morrison flees his comfortable but chaotic life and travels to the Ghanaian village of Konko to find answers and closure. There he gains new perspective on family and belonging.

Kwame will inspire as he shares poetry and writing from Solo along with a photography exhibit of Ghana, captured by Preston.

Photographer Randy Preston says, “These photographs are of a Ghana you may have missed, an Africa unexpected. The riches of Ghana that are her people, that are her offspring, that are her children. In these images, see them laugh, see them stare serious and stern. See them smile shy and winsome. See them embrace me, a distant relative, with the music of laughter and openness and kindness. See the shapes of this land, see the land as the people make it, this coastal cradle, self-civilized snapshots, my father’s father’s fathers. See the faces of family welcoming me back into what I have been, but I’ve never known, offering love and a symphony of stories.”

Kwame Alexander
Kwame Alexander

These dynamic presenters will also participate in the Savannah Book Festival (SBF) Children’s Tent Event on Sunday, February 17 at 1:00 PM in Reynolds Square.

Randy Preston
Randy Preston

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