Letter To The Editor: Star Charter School For Boys

It was recently brought to my attention that within the Black Community there is opposition to the Star Charter School for Boys. I find this amazing. Black children, especially black boys have been failed by the public school system in so many glaring ways “that even a blind person can see it”. And one would assume that people who have close knowledge of the inadequacy of the education services being delivered to some children, especially black boys from families with low incomes, would be in the forefront pushing and advocating for more effective ways to ensure that “all” means “all”. Even if so called Black leaders have issues with the way the proposal is presented, I find it sad that anyone; black, white or other, who is cognizant of the dire straits that our boys are in, could or would question the timing and the urgency of implementing an approach that targets a group of children for whom the public school system is preparing for failed life outcomes which contributes to the “ school to prison pipeline”

The primary reason we do not see groups lined up to offer solutions for this particular problem is that it is a really, really difficult “nut” to crack, for obvious reasons. For a school like the school that Star Charter proposes, which begins with children at the start of their education career, parental engagement is critical. It requires a real commitment to professional development at a high level. I am personally impressed with the disciplined approach that the Star Charter School Board has taken in regards to applying solely to the local school board for its charter, Yet so very disappointed at our local school board.

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