Letter to the Editor- A Note of Thanks

Mrs. Cynthia Fearbry
Mrs. Cynthia Fearbry

Oh, Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good! My soul boasts in the goodness of our Lord.

To the Savannah community and to the officers of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I would like to extend a hearty “thank you” for your loving kindness and tender mercy during the Homegoing Celebration of my late husband, Dr. Frederick A. Fearbry.

It is easy for people to loosely say they love others but when the day of testing comes, it is not so easy to show it. You passed the test of loving kindness.

I was both amazed and overwhelmed at the responses from you, our friends in Savannah and those beyond. I really did not know we were loved so much.

I must commend the patriarchs of this community, Moderator Matthew Southall Brown, Sr. and Pastor Ricky Bready. They assisted me extensively with the tedious planning of the Wake Service and Homegoing Celebration from beginning to end.

I have been forever impacted by their spiritual wisdom and knowledge. To the two of you, I say, “Thank You!” I am grateful.

My gratitude is also extended to the New Movement Choir and others who participated in the Wake Service.

Many thanks also to the Savannah Metropolitan Police Department for the prompt, and courteous service and professional manner in which they organized the crowds. Special thanks to Thankful Baptist Church’s Officers Darien Mitchell, Tonia Reid and Odari Gibbs.

One of my husband’s long time friends, Pastor Willie A. “Bill” Jones was a consistent presence through it all. He handled what he felt was necessary for his friend’s family. He was a great help. After all, what are true friends for? Thanks Bill for your loyal and dedicated support.

Thank you to the Thankful Baptist Church family for your love and cooperation. You extended more than I could have thought or asked. For example, Deacon J. Alphonso Dandy volunteered to place a close circuit television screen in the fellowship hall so that others would feel a part of the celebration.

This is just one example of the many kindnesses you extended without agitation. Together, you and I gave Pastor Fearbry a burial with dignity and respect. His work in the community spoke for itself.

Every seat we owned in the church was filled, including ones that were taken from all classrooms. Additionally, the food you provided for the family members after the Celebration worship service was scrumptious and so needed.

The State Ushers Association served dutifully and ushered the crowd with great poise and a smile. Thank you my sisters and brothers.

I shall never forget the hundreds of cards, letters, monetary condolences, phone calls, plants, flowers, quiches and other foods plus hundreds of responses through the registry provided by Sidney A. Jones and Campbell. Now, that’s love! Mr. David Campbell, owner, went above and beyond our expectations of funeral services. Through it all Mr. Campbell remained even-tempered and congenial. I applaud him for a job well done. Thank you, Mr. Campbell and staff.

Thank you Savannah Community, friends of the family and other loved ones. You’re the greatest community in which to live. I would not have made it this far without your help and prayers. The prayers of the righteous availed much.

Yes, my cornerstone of earthly support is gone but I still have the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ, who promised never to leave me. To God be the glory.

Remember to keep me in your prayers.

-Mrs. Cynthia Fearbry

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