Letter To The Editor

Dear editor,

With students returning to school and in-person learning across Georgia this fall, the importance of vaccines and booster shots has never been greater.

I currently serve as a law enforcement officer with Georgia Southern University— Armstrong Campus, a first-term City of Savannah Alderman representing the 6th District and I chair the Safety Ministry at Asbury Memorial Church.

Many of the students and constituents I interact with daily are eager for a return to normal, but that will only come if we take the correct steps to protect each other and our communities.

The first, and most important step, is getting vaccinated. Local hospitals throughout Savannah, such as Memorial Health University Medical Center, are offering free vaccinations for anyone eligible. These vaccines have been proven time and time again to be effective against the coronavirus and will be the key to a pre-pandemic return.

I hope everyone eligible will receive their shots, it is the right thing to do and will ensure that a full recovery is one step closer. Nobody wants to repeat the past eighteen months, but until we increase our vaccination rate, the possibility of the pandemic raging on remains.

So please, if not for yourself, get vaccinated for your family, your neighbors, and your community.


Kurtis Purtee

Kurtis Purtee

District 6 Alderman

City of Savannah

Cell: (912) 346-3305

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