Letter to the Editor

Many thanks to the Savannah Tribune for sponsoring and promoting the 36th annual Savannah Jazz Festival this past week. By any measure, this year’s festival was among the very best in the history of the Coastal Jazz Association, a group I co-founded and served as its first president in the early 1980s. From the high quality of the music to the outstanding venues and record crowds, the Festival will be remembered fondly by the thousands who were lucky enough to attend its many events including the premiere of “In Tune”, a documentary film commemorating the life story of jazz great Ben Tucker who gave so much to Savannah.

Our community is deeply enriched by the Savannah Jazz Festival, one of the most renowned free music festivals of its kind, and a source of pride attracting tourists and locals alike. Try to name another cultural event here that so completely unites the people—black and white, young and old, rich and poor? We are elevated harmonically in celebration of America’s unique art form—jazz, no small feat in these troubling times. As the City of Savannah evaluates funding for arts organizations, we hope they will appreciate the significant contributions of the Coastal Jazz Association through this outstanding festival.

Congratulations and thanks are due to so many, but especially to Coastal Jazz Association’s president Howard Paul and its executive director Paula Fogarty for their outstanding leadership and hard work that were so instrumental in making this year’s festival such a huge success!

Tom Glaser Savannah, Georgia

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