Letter to the Editor

Thank You Savannah!

Mayor Elect Edna B. Jackson
Mayor Elect Edna B. Jackson

To the Citizens of Savannah,

My sincere appreciation is extended to everyone who so kindly volunteered their time and talents to electing me as Savannah’s next mayor. Your support was widespread. From volunteers who helped with phone banking, neighborhood canvassing, addressing mailers, and putting out signs, I am grateful.

To the many people who made financial contributions, or called and stopped by our campaign headquarters just to give a word of encouragement, your support was immeasurable. I could not have won this election without you.

Finally, thank you to the voters—all of you—who participated in this process. It is my solemn and heartfelt promise to work for all of Savannah’s citizens, bringing us together, so that through our joint efforts we will move this great city forward.


Edna B. Jackson

Mayor-Elect Photo by Christine Hall

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