Let’s Determine the Fate of Savannah’s Kiah Museum

Kiah Museum
Kiah Museum

A Special Gathering Planned to Determine Fate of Savannah’s Kiah Museum will be held on March 2 from 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM at Savannah State University, Social Science Building Room 115.

Students from Savannah State University’s Introduction to Anthropology classes and other young adults have come together with the Center for the Study of African and African Diaspora Museums and Communities (CFSAADMC), a nonprofit research center, and formed the Hue- Man Research Institute for African Diaspora Museum Anthropology. Its mission is to illuminate the core values that guided the historical misconception that Black Museums are primitive and to advance these values as part of educating society about the history of African and African Diaspora museums and communities. Our vision is to educate, acknowledge, and preserve the history of Black Museums worldwide. The Hue-Man and the Friends of the Kiah Museum encourage all who are interested in the fate of this property located at 505 W. 36th Street, to share their concerns and stories. We want to get to the core of questions surrounding ownership and why this site that was once one of the Reader’s Digest Treasures of America has become one on the Savannah Endangered Property List, left to deteriorate before our eyes. The owners and founders of the museum Dr. Calvin L. Kiah former Dean of Education at Savannah State College and his wife Virginia Jackson Kiah an artist and educator, are both deceased. According to probate court records the property is in Trust. We’re asking everyone to not let another Black History Month come and go without this one leading to a call for action about our Savannah historic sites. For More Information Contact: Mr. Damion Wynn, Founding President Hue Man

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