Leonard Massey Announces Campaign for Chatham County Commissioner District 6


Savannah native Leonard Massey officially announces his candidacy for Chatham County Commissioner District 6. A strong advocate for the tourism community in Savannah, Massey currently works as the General Manager of the popular Springhill Suites Savannah Downtown, a role he grew into after starting as a dishwasher at a local hotel at the age of 17.

“I have built my career on being a service to others in the hospitality industry and now, I want to take the tenants of hospitality and apply that to serving constituents in the 6th district of Chatham County,” said Massey. “I know Chatham County, I understand how it works, I have a firm grasp on the issues and I firmly believe that I have the experience and passion necessary to move our community forward.”

While this is Massey’s first bid at an elected office, he is no newcomer to Savannah’s political realm. Since 2017, he has served in several roles for the Chatham County Republican Party, including 3rd vice-chairman and treasurer. Massey is currently serving his second term on the Tourism Leadership Council’s Board of Directors.

“These roles, in addition to being at the helm of hospitality in Savannah, have been momentous in shaping me as a leader,” explained Massey. “I have been a diligent listener and gained tremendous insight into what matters most to the people and the business community and I feel prepared to turn that into an actionable plan to address the needs of my community.”

Massey’s grass roots campaign for the people is grounded in three important issues: Chatham County’s fiscal health, building business in the 6th district and developing a robust workforce through training our county’s youth.

According to Massey, being fiscally responsible isn’t just about balancing wants and needs against a sum of money, but also ensuring that taxpayers are seeing the benefit of their investment in our community.

“People do not mind paying their fair share if they feel the services that are provided are working for them,” said Massey. “Accountability is key if you want your community to flourish. The role of elected officials is not to consolidate power for the governing officials and bureaucrats, but to create an environment that encourages sustainable growth that works for the people, not against them.”

Massey also feels strongly that the business climate in the 6th district is not as robust as its potential allows.

“When you compare growth to other areas of Chatham County, the 6th district is behind and that is reflected through the amount of businesses that are leaving the area,” said Massey.

Massey aims to reduce ill-planned buildings and empty parking lots through the Investment in Opportunities Act, which allows county officials to identify areas that are in need of economic development and affords local business owners the opportunity to expand in the 6th district and provide services identified by the community.

Additionally, Massey feels strongly that you cannot focus on the future without considering Chatham County’s youth population.

“It is no secret that our youth need more job opportunities,” said Massey. “Chatham County has some of the best and fastest growing industries in the country, but many of those jobs have entry-level, education-based barriers for many who are eager to enter the workforce.”

Massey plans to develop relationships with logistics and tourism industries to provide more apprentice programs in our high schools to prepare our youth to fill vacancies in growing fields.

“We should not have to recruit from outside our communities to service our local needs,” said Massey.

With an ambitious platform and agenda, Massey has gained the endorsements of Chatham County Commissioner of District 1 Carl Smith, the Areas Young Republicans and many others.

To learn more about Massey and his campaign, visit MasseyForChatham.com.

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