Leavon Shuman Returns To ILA 1414’s COPE

Leavon Shuman and Gov. Nathan Deal
Leavon Shuman and Gov. Nathan Deal

ILA Local 1414’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) is back! With the reassignment of former Chairman, Leavon Shuman, by President Thomas Stokes, III, political positioning, for the Longshore Industry, will be strengthened in Savannah and throughout the southeast.

Aftera5yearlayoff, Shuman is anxious to work his phone contacts list that resembles a Who’s Who directory, in local, state and national politics. When asked about his goals for COPE, he responds, “I’m building a team that will keep ILA in the forefront of Savannah, Chatham County and the State delegations”. COPE will also help candidates get elected who favor ILA and labor issues.

As he rebuilds his committee, Leavon Shuman commits to working closely with President Stokes. He has served excellently with COPE for over 25 years prior. He will keep the over 1000 Longshoremen, Longshorewomen and their families, in the coastal empire, moving forward, by protecting union labor now and into the future.

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