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The Unlimited Value of Life: Trucking Company Could Pay Millions for the Lives of Georgia Southern Students

The Unlimited Value Life has immeasurable value. The Georgia Legislature, in the Wrongful Death Act (“the Act”), gave life to this moral and legal principle. The Act provides monetary compensation for the estate of the deceased, certain grieving family members, and/or personal representatives (“the parties”) of those wrongfully killed through illegal acts. Last month, on I-16, five Georgia Southern students died in a collision with a tractor trailer which allegedly “failed to slow down, smashing into stop and go traffic”. The lives of these students can never be replaced, but the Wrongful Death Act, in O.C.G.A. Section 51-4-1, provides justice through compensation. Under the Act, the parties may recover for the “full value” of the students’ lives. There are 2 primary reasons behind this civil recovery. The Georgia Legislature is: (1) using money to discourage wrongful deaths, and (2) allowing the parties to seek just compensation. Therefore, each family can recover for the full value of a life which theoretically has unlimited value.

The full value of a life is measured using 2 factors. First, the parties will seek to prove the economic value of the students’ normal life expectancies. Second, they will seek to establish an element incapable of precise proof. These are measured from the students’ perspectives, not the gross sum earned by the students throughout their lives. The full value of each life, individually, could amount to tens of millions of dollars, meaning the total value of the case could amount to significantly more. Monetary recovery in wrongful death cases provides justice for grieving families. No person can be replaced, but skilled lawyers help protect rights. If you have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one, The Mance Law Group, LLC, stands ready to represent you. For more information about this article, check out The Mance Law Group on Facebook or call the office at 912.574.4LAW.

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