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Trials Lawyers With Empathy Win Cases

When most people envision trial lawyers, we see dapper lawyers with silver tongues who can convince a jury to do anything. We do not imagine advocates who deeply empathize with their clients. Empathy has been described as the “when you hurt, I hurt” mentality, the ability to understand and feel with a person. The most successful trial lawyers the Bobbie Hills, Johnnie Cochrans, and Willie Garys—have mastered the “art of empathy”.

Lawyers who feel your pain have a powerful tool to increase your monetary recovery at your personal injury trial. In order for jurors to render a fair and just verdict, they must feel what the injured person experienced. Empathizing with your injury can present challenges to jurors who have never experienced a personal injury. So, jurors need your lawyer’s help.

A lawyer’s empathy persuades jurors to believe your story. In trials, jurors often think, “How can we believe in a lawyer’s client when the lawyer does not seem to believe in the client?” The most credible lawyer is often the one who not only supports his legal conclusions with evidence but who also truly believes his client’s story.

Jury research supports these findings. It has indicated that jurors award higher verdicts when addressing a cause in which they believe. Jurors also award higher damages when angered at the defendant. These actions depend on the trial lawyer creating a factually supported emotional response.

When selecting a personal injury trial lawyer, select a lawyer who will take steps to empathize with you. Your lawyer should visit your home and document your daily challenges. This may be in the form of a diary or even video. Good trial lawyers also perform background research on your life before the injury and seek to place themselves in your shoes as accurately as possible. These things will lead to large monetary recoveries at trial should your lawyer approach them correctly.

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