Kentucky Wins NCAA Championship

Kentucky Wildcats beat Kansas Jayhawks 67-59
Kentucky Wildcats beat Kansas Jayhawks 67-59

The Kentucky Wildcats withstood a late second-half rally by the Kansas Jayhawks to capture the program’s eight NCAA championship with a 67-59 victory on Monday night at the Superdome in New Orleans. Kansas trailed, 54-38, with nine minutes left after Lamb hit back-to-back three-pointers in a 38-second span. But Taylor hit a pair of threepointers for the Jayhawks and Johnson added another a couple of minutes later to cut Kentucky’s lead to 59-50 with less than four minutes to play. The Jayhawks scored eight consecutive points, four in a row to start by, Elijah Johnson which cut the Kentucky lead to 10 points, 48-38, with 11:12 left in the NCAA tournament championship game.

The Jayhawks actually whittled what had been an 18-point lead to five , Kentucky’s lead was only 62-57 with 1 minute 38 seconds to play.

The key to the equation was Davis. As good as the others are, it’s almost impossible to be hyperbolic when talking about the 6-foot-10 freshman who almost certainly will never be a sophomore and will be the first person shaking hands with David Stern at the NBA draft in June.Others liken him to Tim Duncan, which is fairer, especially because Duncan was still learning how to play as a freshman and wasn’t nearly the player Davis is at that stage of his career.

In the end the wildcats took the win!

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