Keeping Your Cool: Conict Resolution for Today’s Youth”

Timothy “Headliner” Barnwell
Timothy “Headliner” Barnwell

The City of Savannah’s Department of Community Planning and Development will host Part II of Keeping Your Cool Conflict Resolution for Today’s Youth on Saturday, June 25, 2016, Savannah Civic Center Ballroom, 8:30 – 12:00 PM. Bring your friends and join other teens as they learn and share strategies for resolving conflicts and keeping your cool when situations get heated.

The Highlights include featured interview with one of Savannah’s famous sons Mr. Timothy “Headliner” Barnwell.

Headliner is the co-founder, singer-songwriter and two-time Grammy award and MTV-award winning group, Arrested Development. He will share his story of his triumphs over personal and professional conflicts.

Ignite Sessions: Partcipants will break into discussion groups facilitated by youth community leaders to talk abot issues that are important to them. Youth will gain insight and practical strategies to everyday issues.

Mini-Booth Infor- mation Fair and Breakfast ….BUT, they must sign up today!!!

To Register Now, call (912) 651.6520 / or go online at www.savannahga. gov/leadershiptraining FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!!!

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