Julian “Jae” Small, Sr. Portrait Unveiled

Julian “Jae” Small, Sr.
Julian “Jae” Small, Sr.

An overwhelming expression of gratitude is extended to all participants in the Home going service and the attendance of the unveiling of Julian “Jae” Carvel Small portrait at Zaxby’s, Sunday, August 21, 2011.

We would first bestow supreme thankfulness to God the True Heavenly Father for allowing Julian to touch so many lives. Exceptional appreciation is given to: Mrs. Alma D. Addison – Grandmother, Sexton-Hall Funeral Home, Bishop Matthew Odum & Pastor Annette Saulter, The Temple of Glory Sanctuary & Eden Room Staff, Mrs. Sophia Davis & Zaxby’s Staff (Pt. Wentworth), Mrs. Barbara E. Kline & Southside Fire EMS, Groves Class of 1978, Beach Class of 1998, Lt. Gregory Mitchell & SCMPD Traffic, James Jr. & Selintha Brown-Small, Elder Erroll Roach & The Sounds of Joy, Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The Small & Williams


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