Judge Tammy Stokes Elected President of the Municipal Court Judges Council of Georgia

At the June business meeting of Georgia’s municipal court judges, the judges elected the Honorable Tammy Stokes as their President of the Municipal Court Judges Council of Georgia. Judge Stokes serves as Chatham County Recorders Court Judge, having been appointed by the City Council and Chatham County Commission in 2004. It is of note that she is Chatham County’s first African American woman judge. She is also the first African American woman to serve as President of Georgia’s Municipal Court Judges Council.

Georgia has 400 Municipal and local courts where the judges conduct non-jury trials and are authorized to impose sentences and fines in accordance with applicable law. Each year, the Municipal Courts in Georgia handle more than 1.2 million filings, and its judges conduct several hundred thousand hearings and trials annually. The Municipal Courts generate sufficient revenues to not only support the operation of the judicial branch of government in the state but also return significant gen- eral revenues to state and local treasuries.

As President, Judge Stokes takes the helm in setting the statewide strategic and legislative goals for the municipal court judges of the state, and represents the municipal courts on the Judicial Council of Georgia.

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