Johnson Attended International Breast Cancer Research Meeting

Elaine Johnson Cancer Survivor
Elaine Johnson Cancer Survivor

Mrs. Elaine Johnson, a breast cancer survivor of 22 years, was once again selected by the United States Army Medical Research and Material Command to attend its Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Meeting in Baltimore, MD. The “Era of Hope” international meeting convened June 25-28, 2008, and included more than 1900 persons from throughout the United States and other countries around the world. Johnson has been attending this all-expense-paid meeting since 2000 which brings together scientists, physicians, breast cancer survivors, consumers, advocates and the general public to share ideas, look at the progress that has been made, and identify new directions in breast cancer research and its prevention. Among some of the topics discussed in the conference workshops were Genetics and Breast Cancer; Breast Density and Risk; Health Disparities; Exploring Women’s Decision-Making About Breast Cancer Treatment; Life Style and Nutrition; and Breast Cancer in African Women Studies.

Johnson, who has served as a Consumer Reviewer in 200 and 2002, is one of the primary organizers and a past president of Sisters Network, Inc., Savannah Chapter. Sisters Network is a Breast Cancer support organization for African American women survivors of the disease. Johnson also serves as a “Reach to Recovery Volunteer” for the American Cancer Society.

Elaine Johnson is passionate about reaching out and giving hope and support to other breast cancer patients and survivors. According to Johnson, “Hope is the torch that leads us.” She reminds us that each year in the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness is promoted nationwide. “Our awareness is raised as we look at the journey of this disease,” she says. She also wants to spread the word that “…there is help out there.” Breast Cancer Research is alive and going strong, and Mrs. Elaine Johnson wants others to join her a valiant fight against a disease that claims the lives of so many of our dear loved ones each year. She is about helping all of us become educated in the prevention of Breast Cancer, but also serving as a Sister of support.

For further information about Sisters Network, Inc., please contact Mrs. Johnson through the Memorial Health University’s Curtis/Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute at 912-350-8000.

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