Joe Addison Joins GIADA Executive Board

The Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association, better known in the used car industry as GIADA, is a not-for-profit industry trade association that has been the voice of Georgia’s independent auto dealers since 1955. GIADA is committed to representing, educating, and informing Georgia’s independent motor vehicle dealers. As the country’s largest IADA, GIADA can certainly attribute much of its success & esteem to the 43 dedicated volunteers that serve as Board Members for the association, which maintains around 2,500 members annually while consistently advocating for all 4,500+ licensed dealers in the state. These delicate responsibilities, which range from compliance education to legislative action, requires equal parts devotion & organization. GIADA’s Executive Officers who carry much of this weight, are nominated by their peers for these leadership roles which help to drive this very lucrative industry. This year, local car dealer from Joe Addison Motors, Inc., Joe Addison has been designated as the association’s Sr. Vice President-at-Large. GIADA would like to give a warm welcome & special thank you for Joe’s dedicated time & service to go towards the betterment of our industry for dealers and consumers alike.

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