Job Pool Launches In Savannah

Nicholas Patrick and Jerome Bettis
Nicholas Patrick and Jerome Bettis

Last Tuesday, Nicholas Patrick, a native Savannahian, and his business partners announced to the community that Job Pool is taking a giant leap forward and launching its innovative online and mobile software application right here in Savannah, Georgia.

Job Pool is a new, dynamic way for employers to find and keep employees on a part-time basis and for employees to find a second (or third) job and get all the hours they want—without having to do anything more than check their computer, tablet or smartphone. Job Pool allows employers to “share” part-time employees with each other by matching employees (like you) to available jobs.

Through the vision of successful business leaders including Pro Football Hall of Famer and Pittsburgh Steelers Great Jerome Bettis, Job Pool gives local companies unparalleled success by enabling them to source a larger workforce in their area and take advantage of qualified employees who have a job and want to work additional hours. The Affordable Health Care has driven many employers to holding employee hours below 30. “Job Pool gives the employees an opportunity to swap jobs with other employees” said Bettis at the launch reception held at the at the Westin Champion Grill. He is already working in staffing and owns 6 Papa John’s Pizza restaurants.

Bettis explained how the part-time workforce is being empowered with access to new employment opportunities across all industries; how Job Pool gives everyone an exclusive “foot-in-the-door” capability to work more hours plus gain more experience, and why Savannah was chosen for the launch of this program.

“Job Pool’s mission of opportunity, diversity, empowerment, and growth remain strong, and we are proud to launch this easy to use, impactful program”, said Patrick. “We look forward to working with Savannah’s business community, non-profit organizations, and high-performing employees who want to “Earn and Learn”.

This application has been successfully beta launched and piloted using additional companies acquired earlier this year. Anyone interested in getting involved, should contact

Nicholas Patrick (775) 354-6304 or Nick.Patrick@

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