Jill Biden Rallies In Savannah


Over 100 cars and trucks rallied Monday night at Savannah State University, the oldest historically black college in Georgia, to cheer and honk their vehicles for Jill Biden on behalf of her husband Joe Biden and his running mate US Senator Kamala Harris.

“Are you ready to VOTE? This is the week to get it done. Make the plan today. Don’t wait, and then get involved,” she said.

Biden charged her supporters in the parking lot and others who gathered on the sidewalks to vote for Biden for the presidency of the United States of America and Harris, the first Black woman to be selected as a vice-presidential candidate.

Though the majority of the supporters Monday were Black, it was a diverse audience.

Murem Sharpe, a civic leader, came to show support for the Biden/Harris ticket. “I will do everything within my personal power and energy to support them, and cheer them on, and make it to the finish line,” she said.

Most of those speaking at the podium were politically connected and invited by the Collegiate 100 Black Men Organization and elected officials, including Mayor Van Johnson, a Savannah State University graduate, State Senate Lester Jackson, State House of Representatives J. Craig Gordon and Carl Gilliard. They delivered the sounds of preachers echoing Biden’s platform and said President Donald J. Trump should be removed from office.


Take Gordon, for example.

“I think it’s a little serendipitous that as we gather here today on the Savannah State University campus, the oldest HBCU in the entire state of Georgia and is also the home of the oldest African American church in North America.” Sarcastically Gordon said, “So, why do we have a president (Trump) who says he has done more for black folks since (President) Lincoln. Let me call the King family. He’s done more than Martin (the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.) Let me call the Shabazz family and let him know he’s done more than Malcolm (Shabazz). Although he called the Thurgood Marshall family and said he’s done something more than Brown vs. Board of Education.”


“This is a pivotal moment in history. It does not need to be defined by COVID-19, it needs to be defined by the day that people stood up against ignorance,” Gordon said.

Jackson stomped on behalf of people who haven’t voted yet.

“Joe, you stood with Obama and now Savannah, Georgia this is the most important election,” Jackson said.

“My friends, that is not an exaggeration. That is the truth. There’s so much at stake and this election is for quality education, economic inclusion, crime reduction. Make no mistake, our health care is on the ballot. Vote for Biden assuring access to quality health care for all Americans,” said Jackson, who thinks Biden will win the state.

Democratic leaders asked Biden to come here to send this message, “I know you’re busy. I know you’re stretched so thin, but this election is too important not to do every single thing we can. One vote could make the difference between winning and losing a precinct.”

“This state, Georgia, could decide our futures for generations to come,” Biden said. “Could you be that one vote?”

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