Jason Carter Could Help Build A Better Georgia


During August 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that Georgia had the worst unemployment rate of all of the states in America. Yes, our state ranks 50th in the nation in unemployment. Georgia is also one of the states with the largest percentage of its citizens living in poverty, a very poor ranking among the fifty states in educational achievement, health care, life expectancy and other objective criteria of the quality of life that measure state government success. However, we have one of the most extreme gun laws in the country that allows residents with a proper gun permit to carry guns almost everywhere.

Georgia is clearly headed in the wrong direction and electing Jason Carter could be a good first step to change our direction. Our state leaders chose to make a right-wing political statement about Obamacare instead of expanding Medicaid and helping thousands of Georgians receive health care and protecting the financial health of the hospitals in our state. This right-wing political statement has forced several rural hospitals out of business.

Jason Carter promises to lead the effort to redirect Georgia. He promises to invest in small businesses and the middle class. He says that smarter tax policies and other incentives will attract businesses searching for a new home and will reassure workers and employers that we are committed to creating new jobs. He has proposed initiatives to expand benefits for small businesses, letting them have access to the same job-creation incentives given to big corporations.

Our state needs policies that encourage innovation, and Carter plans to adopt an innovative strategy to encourage startup businesses and support their growth. It is time to stop the migration of Georgia’s brightest and more promising startup companies, along with some of our brightest students to other states. Carter says that Georgia must retain its home-grown talent, adopt a regulatory and tax environment that attracts capital, and foster a statewide network that connects startups with capital, entrepreneurs, universities, and other valuable resources.

Jason Carter is right when he says that if we are going build a more prosperous and promising Georgia, we must start with education. He promises to restore the billions of dollars that have been cut from public education, resulting in teachers being furloughed, larger class sizes, and less individual attention for struggling students. He says that the cuts in education have come at a time when many Georgia families are paying more in property taxes because dozens of districts raised local property taxes to make up for the State’s cuts to education.

Jason is a ninth-generation Georgian. He is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. He and his wife Kate, a public high school teacher, have two young sons and live in Atlanta. He is an attorney who has fought to protect voting rights and challenged an overtly partisan reapportionment of the Georgia State Senate. He serves on the boards of several charitable and public interest organizations including Hands on Atlanta, the DeKalb Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, and the Georgia Bar Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Carter Center and the Emory University Board of Visitors.

We support Jason Carter for Governor. He could help build a better Georgia.

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