JAMP – James Brown Academy To Appear At Black Heritage Festival


February 9, 2019,

The James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils (JAMP Band) will be featured in the live concert on Grand Festival Day during Savannah’s 30th Annual Black Heritage Festival. The concert will be held from 6-9 pm at the Savannah Civic Center, 301 Oglethorpe Ave. For those 18 years and older, an all-day admission bracelet for Grand Festival Day is $5. Admission is free for children and Savannah State University students with a valid ID.

Nestled on the banks of the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia is a blend of southern charm and SOUL! The James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils also known as J.A.M.P. was established in June 2011. J.A.M.P. is a musical, instrumental, year-round program designed for youth to discover their musical ability to “Staying on the Good Foot.” Founder Deanna Brown-Thomas, daughter of the late “Godfather of Soul” Mr. James Brown, collaborated with various educational consultants and music educators across the country to form this awesome melodic, educational academy. Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia — the stomping ground to Mr. James Brown, the hardest-working man in the business — J.A.M.P. is a non-profit music village that operates solely on small grants, donations and tuition. The intent of J.A.M.P. is to motivate, educate and inspire children through the universal language of music and enriches the student’s hidden musical abilities. Under the direction of Maestro Keith Jenkins (former Soul General Lead Guitarist that toured with Mr. Brown for 13 years) and Maestro Daniel Sapp (2X GRAMMY Nominated Music Educator, Producer and Songwriter) who both ambitiously planned an extensive schedule for J.A.M.P. from the outset through a curriculum of academics, fine arts and mentoring. J.A.M.P.’s season blossomed from a 4-week summer session to a year-round program located in The Augusta Museum of History, 560 Reynolds Street, Augusta, GA. The music students of J.A.M.P., known as J.A.M.P. Masters, are school-aged ranging from Pre -Kindergarten through 12th grade including some JAMP Alumni. To instill Mr. Brown’s work ethic. pupils are honed to be disciplined confidence, and motivated to become successful performers, citizens, and entertainment ambassadors to the world.

The J.A.M.P. Masters held their first concert at the Augusta Museum of History, which houses the largest exhibit of James Brown memorabilia in the world. The James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils offers flexibility of mixed instrumentalists as well as singers who learn a variety of musical styles from classical, gospel, pop, R&B, country, folk, contemporary and last but not least SOUL! As part of music history, students study various formations: Classical, Baroque, Romantic, 20th Century music and selected composers. J.A.M.P. Masters have the opportunity to experience various field trips throughout the term to ensure exposure through the concepts of stage presence, music theory and community involvement. The many accomplishments of the J.A.M.P. Masters include: performances for the Mayor and other officials of Augusta for many events including headlining the “Get on Up” Premiere in Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia. The J.A.M.P. Masters have performed with original members from the James Brown Bands: The JB’s, Soul Generals and Bittersweets. In addition to the J.A.M.P. Masters performance schedule J.A.M.P. ‘s administration strives to carry on the tradition of Mr. Brown’s practice of excellence, which polished his band into an ensemble of unsurpassed precision. The development of symposiums and after-school programs focusing on educational and artistic instruction has developed the pupil’s individual skills and overall musicianship, as well as prepared them for participation in the performance ensembles to STAYING ON THE GOOD FOOT!

To learn more about the J.A.M.P. Masters see the Iinks below or visit www.jamesbrownfamilyfdn.org. To book JAMP call 803-640-2090 or email info@jamesbrownfamilyfdn.org

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