Jada Evans Named Superintendent’s Student of the Month – April 2021


Our featured student of the month of April attends Islands High School and is in eleventh grade. Her teacher tells us she is a classroom leader and an exceptional student. Her junior year is being completed completely online and she has risen to the occasion. She has maintained an A average in her classes, but it is her work ethic that makes her stand out from her peers. Her work ethic is legendary at Islands High School. She never misses a class meeting and is the first to participate in class discussions.

She leads in the classroom, at home and in her community. Quick to participate in her online classes and any study session or tutorial offered, her intelligence and diligence is evidenced by her GPA, which has grown each year of high school. She contributes to her community by helping elderly neighbors with housework and chores

Our student of the month is a “hero in the making,” according to her teachers. Just as she stepped into a leadership role at home and at school, she will soon be leading as a health care hero. She plans on going to college to prepare for a career in nursing.

We are proud to announce the Superintendent’s Student of the Month for April 2021 is Jada Evans! Congratulations to our student, her family, and the faculty and staff of Islands High School!

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