It’s Time to Take Care of Your Fur


Kirschner Furs is the oldest full-service furrier in the southeast. Established in 1985, they still offer the same quality of products and services. Kirschner Furs has expanded its focus in the last few years to include all types of outerwear. You can find the latest styles in denim/swaroski crystals, reversible silks, lightweight to hand-knitted furs, along with the beautiful traditional furs.

“If you have a special need or desire, we can have something made just for you,” says Mrs. JoAnne Ellis, coowner of Kirschner Furs. For special occasions, Kirschner Furs also offers unique, one of a kind accessories. So treat yourself or someone special.- Kirschner Furs is the only onsite facility for storage and services for over a 250 mile radius. The cleaning and fur storage is performed to industry standards. You have full access to your fur at any time.

It is stored right here in Savannah at Kirschner Furs. It is not shipped to some air conditioned warehouse. All repairs to your fur are completed with the utmost professional care by people trained in proper maintenance and knowledge to take care of any problem you may have.

Proper maintenance on your part is MANDATORYto bring you many years of pleasure. furs should be3 stored every summer. An airconditioned house does not provide the proper temperature, nor moisture free environment needed to protect your fur. Furs should be cleaned and conditioned at least every other year.

The “Furrier Method” cleaning process is the safest and most efficient system for cleaning furs. All furs handled by Kirschner Furs are cleaned, conditioned and glazed by this method, gently and expertly. This cleaning process will prolong the life and beauty of the fur, hence, protecting your investment.

There are many misconceptions of how to care for your garment. The major don’ts are: Don’t store your fur in a plastic bag. It will cause damage to the pelts hide and mat the guard hairs. Don’t dry your fur near heat after getting it wet. This will harden and crack the pelts. Don’t store your fur at home or in a cedar closet, this will take years off of the life of your fur. Don’t expose your furs to mothballs ever!

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